Welcome to my homepage.

Hope you like it here. My interests are photography and creative ideas.

I used to have a Pentax SLR. But after lending it to a friend, that was the last time of see of it... Pentax SLR cameras are OK... but what I really like are Canon EOS series. The Pentax P30 that i had is a solid and tough camera that can take a lot of wear and tear. It macro function on the default lens is good too.The only thing that i don't like about it is that it doesn't have auto focus. Also, I will some camera with auto-bracketing function.


With the advent of digital photography, the old type film-based SLR has taken a new twist. Now, there are digital SLR. I will love to get one... but they are still quite expensive as compared to the tradtional SLR. Appearance wise, digital SLR camera parts look similar to traditional SLR cameras. However, digital cameras outputs to digital formats. This makes enhancement of photo relatively easier. Most digital cameras output to jpeg format which is also compatible with the web.




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